Friday, August 14, 2009

Crossdresser Couple

I have been crossdressing for about 10 years now, my wife has know for about 6 years, wish I would have told her about my crossdressing 10 years ago because since I told her our sex life has been incredible. My wife really enjoys when I wear lingerie, and we have went lingerie shopping together many times. My wife also expressed she would like to have both mmf threesome and mff threesome. I never knew this fantasy my wife had, but because we are now open and honest with one another we can now relax and tell each other our fantasies. We have met with a few crossdressers on this site we visit often and seeing my wife use her strapon on another crossdresser was so amazing.

Couple Crossdressing

I recently found out my husband seems to have a thing for lingerie. I am not sure what his fascination with them is , but I want to give it a go rather than be negative about it I have no idea what will come of it , I want to buy him lots of lingerie and have them laid out on the bed to see his reaction, I am pretty sure he wants to wear them.

Crossdressing Couples

I think some guys are just so fascinated with certain aspects of being feminine. Men are rarely able to feel sexy without some sort of ridicule. I'm sure most of us have secrets or fantasies that may seem strange to someone else.

I have recently heard about a lot of men who are straight and crossdressers. They just like to be feminine every once and awhile.

Husbands Who Crossdress

The truth is, men sometimes like to dress like a female without it meaning they are homosexual or even bisexual. It is a fetish...a need. Some men are happy to do it in private some like to be out and proud.

Crossdressing Couple

Open up your mind and consider the posibility of having a husband that likes to wear women's clothes its like getting a new girlfriend who already knows you. I think accepting your husband for who he is and the fact that he loves you and trusts you to know all of him will deepen your realationship and add a whole new dimension of fun. Check out the picture of me and my husband crossdressing to see just how much fun it can be.

Husband Wearing Lingerie

You would be surprised at the number of men that wear lingerie. I don't think there is any harm in your husband wearing lingerie. As long as his lingerie wearing is just between you and him and it is not interfering in your daily lives it is okay.

Crossdressing Husband

My husband has tired on some of my lingerie and he didnt look to bad, he's thin build so he can pull it off. I was thinking making him dress up for a day or for halloween! I think it shows that he is man enought to try and shows that he has a softer side of him even thought he is my man!